The Group
Chowgules - Changing the map of Goa.

Goa, a state in India that was once nothing more than a sleepy colonial port.

Even today Goa is known for it’s sunny beaches, majestic temples, beautiful churches, merry music and colourful people.

Today it is also known for a name that’s synonymous with industry in Goa - The Chowgule Group. A group ever on the move and propelled by an inexhaustible entrepreneurial drive and innovative spirit.

Like any beginning, we made ours too in a small way, with the export of tin scrap, coconut oil, wood and bamboo to the Middle East; till we realised the tremendous potential of Goa in a field unexplored – mining ore.

A small beginning goes a long way.

From modest beginnings in 1916, the Chowgule Group has today quietly burgeoned into an industrial giant with activities in areas as diverse as:

Pelletization Education Integrated Logistics Industrial Salt
Mining Shipbuilding Industrial Explosives Shipping
Cranes Waterproofing Industrial Gases Automotive Dealership